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Research culture and policy


No one should be excluded from a successful and enjoyable career in science owing to their identity. We believe the best science is done in teams that have a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. Our goal is to build a team where everyone feels welcome and unhindered to follow their scientific goals. We will always look for ways to improve and welcome feedback on how we can do better.

Scientific rigor

A scientist should be both honest and rigorous about their work, both in their own experiments and when judging the results of others in peer review.

Experiments: the systemic pressure to publish in high impact factor journals can conceivably lead to malpractice in order to get positive results. There is no pressure from within the lab to publish in high impact factor journals -  our measure of success is accurate and replicable results.

Peer review: A reviewer should only judge a manuscript in two domains: 1) How well the evidence presented supports the scientific claims, and 2) How clearly the scientific argument is conveyed. We believe it is not up to reviewers to judge a manuscript based on its novelty or 'impact', which are subjective and can be used for gate-keeping purposes.

Open science

Science can only be inclusive and move forward rapidly if everyone has access to it. Lab policy is to upload all of our manuscripts as preprints prior to peer review, provide all published data and code on a public repository, and publish in an open access format. 

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