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News: 1st February 2024

First anniversary and data from the lab

On the first anniversary of the lab, we obtained our first whole cell recording in vivo, in V1 as a mouse navigates virtual reality. We also have our first fibre photometry data! It's not the biggest news, but certainly a milestone! 


News: 15th December 2023

Review published in Trends In Neurosciences

Rebecca has written a review on how current evidence supports a particular computational role of the locus coeruleus in signalling global model failures, now published in Trends In Neurosciences - and featured on the cover!

Read the paper here!


News: 12th February 2023

New preprint peer review available on eLife

Peer reviews are now available online for our manuscript entitled 'The locus coeruleus broadcasts prediction errors across the cortex to promote sensorimotor plasticity'. In fact, it is the first ever preprint reviewed by eLife's new open peer review service model!

Read the manuscript and reviews here.


News: 30th October 2022

The Prediction & Plasticity lab will open at the University of Edinburgh in early 2023

After successfully interviewing in the stormy beginning of 2022, it is confirmed that Rebecca will start the lab as a Simons ESAT fellow at the Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain at the University of Edinburgh! The lab will open in February 2023. Watch out for postdoctoral and PhD positions opening soon. 

News: 29th July 2021


Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain Bridge to Independence Award 

Rebecca was awarded one of four inaugural Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain Bridge to Independence Awards to help fund the beginning of the research program. The research program is entitled 'Cortical-catecholamine loops in sensorimotor learning'. Read more about the research here! We are very grateful for the support.

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